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Meet Our Teachers

Betsy DeBoer, Playful Learners & PlayWise Teacher

Betsy has an MA in Early Childhood Education and Bachelor of Fine Arts. She has been a lead teacher and Early Learning Program Coordinator at Hands On for 13 years.

"We can't say enough about the entire experience--our child's and from a parent perspective. We especially appreciate Miss Betsy's insight, skills and amazing planning/programming."
-Preschool Parent

Susan Burnham, Education Programs Manager 

& Young Explorers Teacher

Susan holds a Master's in Teaching and a BA in Studio Art. She brings experience teaching preschool, as an Artist in Residence and art museum manager, and is a Washington certified instructor.

"Miss Susan has time and time again been what not only attracted us in the first place, but also has kept us coming back year after year to attend. She is an exceptional preschool teacher who has such a depth of knowledge, empathy and compassion for our little ones at the younger ages. We can rely on her and entrust our children in her care." -Preschool Parent

Becky Bosse, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Becky has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in Anthropology. She brings experience as an environmental educator, lead teacher and early learning Assistant Director.

"My daughter is in her second year with HOCM preschool and she has absolutely flourished under Miss Becky's watch. She feels involved, important and special, as I am certain every other child does as well." -Preschool Parent