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Our Address

Hands On Children's Museum
414 Jefferson Street NE
Olympia, WA 98501
Phone: 360-956-0818
Fax: 360-754-8626

General Museum Information: info(at)hocm.org.
Museum Membership Information: membership(at)hocm.org.
Media Inquiries: communications(at)hocm.org or 360-956-0818 ext 149.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Our Staff

To call a staff member, call 360-956-0818 and dial their extension listed.

Executive Director
Patty Belmonte

 ext. 141
Director of Operations & Education
Anna Sayre

 ext. 145
Director of Business & IT
Cindy Hageman

 ext. 143
Director of Exhibits & Facilities
Kathy Irwin

 ext. 142
Database & IT Administrator
*** candidate search underway ***

 ext  147
Senior Development Manager
Amy Brockman

 ext. 151
Business Manager
Noah Wine

 ext. 153
Communications Manager
Sarah Tolle

 ext. 149
Graphic Designer
Saird Napolitano

 ext. 155
Events & Development Assistant
Peggy McCanna

ext. 159
Grants Consultant
Marina Shaughnessy

Josie Solseng

 ext. 110
Development Coordinator and Outgoing Donations
Tammy Dorn

 ext. 163
Events Assistant Manager
Paulette Beadling

 ext. 150
Visitor Services - Front Desk & Reservations Manager
Susan Sketch

 ext. 107
Gallery Services Manager
Kameron Loney

 ext. 157
Reservations Coordinator
Lauryn Walker

 ext. 103
Reservations Coordinator 
Meghan Leishman

 ext. 103
Visitor Services - Cafe Manager
Jay Potter

 ext. 104
Senior Operations Manager 
Bill Baker

 ext. 113
Volunteer Coordinator
Megan Boerner
 ext. 146
Studio & Visitor Engagement
Johanna Delong
 ext. 144
Art Studio & Visitor Engagement Manager
Amanda Wilkening

 ext. 158
Preschool: Playful Learners
Betsy DeBoer

 ext. 161
Museum Programs Manager
Susan Burnham
ext. 162

Preschool: Pre-K
Zoe Sheed

ext. 160
Offsite/Program Coordinator & Teacher
Ben Michaelis
ext. 165