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Put on a hard hat and safety goggles and use our popular builder boards to build your own home or create a sky-high Keva structure. Operate the yellow dump truck and watch for the awesome Sky Cage coming in Phase II.

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Exhibit Features:

  • Green Home Builder 
  • Dump Truck 
  • Tool Shed 
  • Keva Boards 


  • Art, Science and Engineering 
  • Construction 
  • Sustainability 

Learning Styles: 

  • Investigative 
  • Reflective 
  • Creative & Constructive 
  • Fine Motor Engagement 
  • Planning & Execution 
  • Imaginative Role Playing 
  • Dramatic Play 
  • Collaborative 
  • Full Body, Gross Motor Engagement

Build it outside!

If your child LOVES to build, he or she can also build a Driftwood Fort in our Outdoor Discovery Center. Learn more about that here.